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Frequently Asked Questions

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Microstay is also popularly known as day stay or capsule stay. Microstay is the concept of booking hotels for a stay on an hourly basis. This gives more flexibility to the travellers and the freedom to choose their own check-in time and length of the stay.
Stayhopper is introducing an innovative and unique concept of Micros-stay for the first time ever in the GCC. Stayhopper hopes to change the general travel trend of booking hotel stays overnight, no matter what your travel schedules and check-in times are. We bring:
  1. Flexibility and transparency to the standard hotel booking process
  2. Simple and clutter free
  3. Pay for the duration you stay and not a penny more
  4. luxury hotels made affordably
It’s as simple as:
  1. Download our Stayhopper mobile app
  2. Browse for the hotel you want to stay
  3. Select the number of hours based on your preference
  4. Pay and enjoy your stay!
Stayhopper provides hourly hotel stays anywhere in the UAE. From Dubai to Abu Dhabi to Ras Al Khaimah, we are available in the Emirates, helping you save on your day stay.
All you need is the booking confirmation from Stayhopper and a valid original ID proof.
Customer is not eligible to apply for a refund after receiving the services from Stayhopper. Stayhopper booking fee of Dirhams Fifteen Only (AED15) is non refundable under all circumstances.
The price includes the stay for the duration chosen and booked. Any special requests including meals can be placed on the app for the listed charges. All other usages of hotel amenities are under the discretion of the respective hotel.
In the event of booking your stay on Stayhopper, we only accept a reservation service charge of AED 15, the remaining cost can be paid at the hotel in cash or bank card.
The stay rates displayed are applicable for up to 2 adults per room, if mentioned otherwise on the hotel booking page or terms.